Adding Multiple Events:

To add multiple events at the same location:
  • Fill in the form below and "Submit"
  • You will be returned to the home page
  • Click the browser back arrow and you should be back at the form, still filled in from the previous event
  • Make the changes you require, then submit again.
  • If you have further events you can carry on clicking the back button, amending and submiting.

    Please email if you have any problems at all.

    Adding Repeating/Regualar Events:

    If your event occours at the same day every week, month, year or bank holiday, please email details to and we will setup an automatic repeating event.

    If your events benefit from this service, please consider making a £10 contribution to the costs of running the site, using the Paypal Button below.

    Many Thanks
    Rich Harris

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